2023 Field Notes

Pea -- Pisum sativum -- Sugar Snap


Sown 3/21
Germination 4/4

3/21 -- Technically not a greenhouse item, but putting it here anyway to make things easier. Largely followed the same philosophy as last year - two 4x4 beds, two rows each bed, more or less about 50 seeds each row. This year I bought actual proper string trellis, which should make things a lot easier. Used zip ties to hang it and keep it tight and good for climbing. Added a little compost and fertilizer to each bed, and used the opposite two beds of the ones I used last year - these two had Zinnias in them last year.

3/31 -- No news here. Watering when needed. Not expecting to see any activity for at least another week.

4/4 -- First germinated peas spotted, in the bed to the left.

4/6 -- Couple more germinated peas spotted but not a lot yet, as expected.

4/8 -- A lot more up today, things are proceeding normally.

4/9 -- I think I'm going to be watering these daily going forward - going to be warm and very dry this week on the whole.

4/11 -- As expected, ground was dry as a bone today, so gave these a healthy water. They're progressing well, I'm seeing branching out activity.

4/14 -- Super hot days these last two days - nearly 90 both days, in mid-April! Watered these a lot the last couple of days to keep them happy. They look good and are growing quickly.

4/23 -- Nothing crazy to report here - these continue to grow, should be grabbing on to the trellis here in the next couple of days and going from there.

4/30 -- We've gotten some nice rain over this past week that is definitely helping these out. A bunch of them have grabbed on and started climbing.

5/25 -- No news is good news - these are growing very well, on pace for the same mid-June harvest as last year.

6/13 -- Peas are coming fast now, and many of them. Ate my first one today, even though it didn't have any real peas in it, so it was all shell. I suspect we'll have ones with peas by the end of the week. Plants are now taller than the trellis as well.

6/18 -- As predicted earlier in the week, there are a set of these that are harvest-ready today. It's really only a matter of, how big do you want your peas?

6/25 -- Absolutely swimming in these now. Delicious!

7/2 -- Still a ton of peas, although some of the vines are starting to turn a little brown, as expected. These got WAY too tall this year - my six foot stakes were no match. These burst at least two feet, maybe three, past the top of the trellis. They've now collapsed into each other and it now looks like I have a bridge of peas at the top of the trellis! I think for next year I need taller...everything.

7/8 -- Really winding down now. The vines are getting quite brown and production has largely stopped. Quite a harvest this year though!

7/15 -- These are done for the season. Only got a handful over the last week, the remainder that were picked were really not edible. Great season for these on the whole.