2024 Field Notes

Pea -- Pisum sativum -- Sugar Snap

Outside Sown 3/14
Greenhouse Sown 3/22 & 3/23
Outside Germination PENDING
Greenhouse Germination 3/26 (both trays)

Germination counts (NOSOAK/SOAK)
3/27, 8am: 29/3
3/27, 4pm: 54/13
3/28, 8am: 70/32
3/28, 6pm: 80/58
3/29, 9am: 83/74
3/29, 5pm: 83/74
3/30, 3pm: 88/76
3/31, 6pm: 90/78
4/1, 5pm, after thinning: 49/47

3/17 -- Two 4x4 beds planted using the exact same successful techniques as last year, with the same timing as last year. A cold week this first week these are in the ground - we'll see how that impacts germination and germination timing. Planning a second two beds on the 24th, as an experiment to see if we can extend pea harvesting season an extra sweek into the summer.

3/24 -- March is being very March-like around these parts, so decided to do something experimental this year - I planted two 50 cell trays this week with snap pea seeds, which I've never done before, as a hedge against trouble with the outside peas. We were VERY cold there this week, and got snow/soaking rain yesterday, so I'm concerned about the outside peas I've already sown, and I'm delaying (hopefully by a day or two only) the other outside seed sowing. Sowing protocol was basically the same as sweet peas, except bigger cell size for bigger seeds. Two per cell. I also decided to soak the seeds of one tray only to further experiment. I suspect these will do well in the greenhouse, and I'll be able to compare them nicely to the outside sown seeds this season.

3/30 -- These have indeed done very well for themselves in the friendly confines of the greenhouse - 80% germination between the two trays thus far. Interestingly, the non-soaked seeds are doing slightly better than the soaked ones! They're a day behind, so we will be able to make a final call on that in another day or two. In the meantime, these are growing quickly, and I'm still not seeing anything outside. That's not unusual. We'll see where we are in a week or so.

4/1 -- These are growing very rapidly - interestingly, especially tray 1, the no soak tray, which is definitely doing better than the tray with the soaked seeds, which is a surprise! Got more to germinate and the plants in the no soak tray are larger to this point. I would expect a little of that being a day ahead but they're noticeable bigger. Because they're getting so big, decided to thin them today, and very glad I did. The roots are EXTENSIVE with these already - pulling them was a challenge, and I hope to have not caused any issues for the ones that got left behind in the cells. Pretty obvious to me that these are going to need to get planted out soon!

4/5 -- If it wasn't for hideous weather this week, I probably would already be hardening these off - they're HUGE and getting bigger every day. They need to get planted, and soon. Going to try to harden them off this weekend, even though it isn't going to be particularly nice, and get them in the ground very early next week. Nothing to report on the ones in the ground - would have expected to see some by this point, but as I mentioned, the weather hasn't been great at all.