2024 Field Notes

Snapdragon -- Antirrhinum majus -- Potomac Mix

Sown 3/17
Germination 3/22

Germination counts
3/22, 1pm: 1
3/23, 9am: 6
3/24, 9am: 22
3/24, 4pm: 32
3/25, 8am: 43
3/25, 1pm: 64
3/25, 6pm: 67
3/26, 8am: 87
3/26, 6pm: 97
3/27, 8am: 109
3/28, 8am: 120
3/29, 5pm: 128

3/17 -- 250 seeds sown into Johnny's germination mix into a 20 row tray. Spread the seeds out evenly as best I could. I'd like to think I'm an expert on these by now, but the tinyness of these seeds making sowing them a rather unpleasant experience year after year. We'll see how they do!

3/24 -- These germinated right on time, but I'm not getting the numbers I'd expect yet. They're definitely behind last year. Could be a couple of things - I used my VERY fluffy custom germination mix last year, and I also didn't have peas in the greenhouse at the same time. The peas have meant I'm keeping the greenhouse at 60, and the heat mat, on which the snapdragon tray sits, often can't increase the temperature enough to get it in the ideal germination temp range. That's 70-75 degrees - when I went out there this morning the tray was 68. This probably and hopefully just means slower germination this year. We'll see!

3/30 -- These have come on strong over the past week. Hard to count them as always but I'm seeing about 120 germinated seeds, and so far at least 40 plants that look viable. So we're on track here. They did finally come off the heat mat today in favor of new sowings.

4/5 -- Growing and happy. Probably about 75 transplantable seedlings at this point, which is plenty. Another week away from potting these up.