2024 IHF Field Notes

Salvia -- Salvia farinacea -- Oxford Blue


Sown 3/30
Germination 4/2

Germination counts (main tray/secondary tray)
4/2, 7am: 8
4/2, 6pm: 20
4/3, 8am: 46
4/3, 2pm: 62/3
4/4, 7am: 73/6
4/4, 7pm: 83/8
4/5, 7am: 97/15

3/30 -- Sowed a 72, used Johnny's Germination Mix, two seeds per cell, so 144 seeds total. As per the instructions, dropped the seeds on the surface and gently pressed them in and did not cover them. After watering could already see each seed swelling up. If last year is any indication should see signs of germination by the middle of next week. They're currently sitting on the heat mat set to 75 degrees.

3/31 -- Sowed an additional 48 seeds in a second 72, using leftover space from a tray that primarily holds Gomphrena. As an experiment, I used FoxFire mix in 12 of the cells and ProMix in the other 12.

4/5 -- As expected from last year, very strong germination with these over the course of the week. Well past 100 germinated already in the main tray and still increasing, will have plenty of seedlings from that tray. For the overflow tray, which is a day behind, pretty strong performance thus far from the FoxFire mix, and results from the ProMix has been less good, at least to this point.