2023 Field Notes

Nasturtium -- Tropaeolum minus -- Jewel Mix


Sown 5/29

5/29 -- Sowed these extremely chunky seeds into a six foot section of row. Kept them the recommended foot apart at the start but added a bunch of extra seeds at the end of the process, since I had plenty of them (I bought an ounce from Johnny's, at I believe that was the smallest amount that was available when I placed my seed order).

6/1 -- Nothing yet that I can see, but again, the challenge here is that it has been dry and hot all week long. I'm watering frequently but it doesn't take long for things to dry out pretty severely when it's 90 degrees and no humidity! The forecast looks like it is changing (for the worse for outdoor enjoyment, but better for plants) starting on Saturday.

6/9 -- Seeing a few of these pop up, but not a ton - maybe five or six spotted thus far?

6/13 -- Lots of these now - counted nearly 40 the other day, many of them getting sizeable quickly.

6/25 -- These are growing very nicely and getting big quickly. No issues, although I'm wondering if they need to be thinned? Going to default to not doing that for now.

7/2 -- I did finally go ahead and thin these yesterday, to about one plant a foot, although I fudged that a bit and kept closer, bigger plants if I could. The ones that remain are very healthy and look quite good.

7/11 -- We have flowers! I feel like they kinda popped up out of nowhere. Spotted two, one red/orange, one just plain orange. Hopefully the first two of many.

8/5 -- Sprawling plants with many flowers, many of which you can't see because of the sprawl. But there's something charming about secret flowers.

8/25 -- These have made many flowers and gotten huge, with huge leaves. A big success - I probably sowed and kept too many plants close together, but they've thrived for sure.