2024 IHF Field Notes


Sown 3/30
Germination 4/2

Germination counts
4/2, 6pm: 2
4/3, 8am: 13
4/3, 3pm: 18
4/4, 7am: 23
4/4, 5pm: 27
4/5, 7am: 31
4/5, 5pm: 33
4/6, 9am: 41
4/6, 5pm: 44
4/7, 8am: 43
4/8, 8am: 47
4/10, 7am: 53
4/10: 9 thinned, 7 moved, 38 remain

3/30 -- New one this year! These are biennials, so I don't expect flowers this year. Used a 38 (apprently these have a very long taproot), soaked the seeds for 24 hours, and buried them 1/4 inch deep. Did some experimenting with the growing medium - used a new FoxFarm potting mix for 25 of the cells and ProMix (from Walmart! Recommended by some folks on Reddit) for the remaining 13. Both seem nice and fluffy. It looks like the FoxFarm is richer, so we'll see what difference that makes. Put the tray on the heat mat set to 75 degrees.

4/5 -- These are doing reasonably well so far - coming up on 50% germination to this point, been a slow and steady increase in germination counts over the last three days or so. Seedlings are large and easy to count, I'll always be happy about that! Not seeing yet major appreciable difference in the mixes.

4/10 -- Thinned 9 of these, moved 7 to vacant cells.

4/14 -- All the movers look fine, save one that I don't think is going to make it. I'll take that.

4/21 -- One more "mover" didn't make it, and one more germinated plant doesn't look amazing, but all the rest of these are getting big in a hurry. Pleased with them overall for sure.

4/28 -- Getting big, looking good, no issues at all here.