2024 IHF Field Notes

Gomphrena -- Gomphrena globosa -- QIS Formula Mix

Sown 3/31
Germination 4/4 (4 days)

Germination counts
4/4, 7pm: 2
4/5, 7am: 3
4/5, 5pm: 5

3/31 -- Sown into a 72. Used FoxFire mix, covered seeds with 1/8" mix as per instructions. Sowed 83 seeds in total that were leftovers from last year, into 48 of the cells (used the rest of the space for some Salvia testing), so many of the cells got doubled up. Pretty uneventful sowing, seeds seemed fine to me.

4/5 -- So...these aren't doing what I expected, at least not yet. These germinated like gangbusters last year, I had a lot more of them five days in than I do this year. Could be the fact that the seeds are old? That hasn't traditionally been a problem for me but maybe it is for these guys. Or it could be just making this process slower. We'll know for sure in a few days time.