2023 Field Notes

Cosmos -- Centaurea cyanus -- Classic Romantic


Sown 4/9

Germination counts
4/30: TBD
Final Count After Thinning: TBD

4/29 -- Been pretty bad about notes for these! Prepped an outside 4x4 raised bed and sowed these per instructions - 6 seeds per foot, 1/4 inch deep, 9 inches between rows to honor maximum spacing. These germinated extremely well! Planted 96 of these but have yet to do an exact count (I will shortly), but there really are no gaps. Next up will be thinning sometime in the next few days, as true leaves have started to appear.

5/25 -- No issues here to report - these are growing nicely, spreading out well with nice greenery, haven't been harassed by any creatures. So all good!

6/13 -- These have gotten BIG in the last couple of weeks - many of them are nearing two feet tall, and many of them now have buds, so hoping we'll have some nice flowers within a week or so.

6/25 -- We have flowers! First one poked through yesterday, a very lovely white/pink combination. Many more coming now as well.

7/2 -- These are doing so well! Seeing three different colors, and a TON of buds show more flowers to come. Going to have to put these on deadheading rotation for sure.

7/11 -- These have grown so much that I needed to stake a string perimeter today, to keep them from flopping over. Didn't see anything in the instructions from Johnny's about these needing support...so not sure what to think!

8/25 -- Not much to report here - I fully admit I got behind on deadheading these and they haven't done much in the last few weeks. Likely going to pull them before the end of the month.