2024 IHF Field Notes

Celosia -- Celosia argentea plumosa -- Chief Mix


Sown 3/31
Germination 4/3

Germination counts
4/3, 3pm: 3
4/4, 7am: 6
4/4, 1pm: 8
4/5, 7am: 15
4/5, 5pm: 16

3/30 -- Sowed these into a 72, using Johnny's Germination Mix, 128 total so a bunch of the cells were doubled up. Surface sowed them and then VERY lightly sprinkled some additional mix over the top, per the instructions, to keep the seeds in place. A couple of differences from last year - used the germ mix instead of potting mix because the seeds are so tiny. And I decided to not do any vermiculite, as the type of it I got last year was maybe a bit too chunky? Might have blocked the light needed for germination. Shouldn't be an issue this year, I hope! These ended up on the heat mat set to 75 degrees.

4/5 -- Despite the differences at the start between this year and last year - I'm getting similar germination performance, at least to this point. 16 germinated to this point. The good news is, while that number is terribly unimpressive, it's still better than last year. We're at 16 after five full days in the tray - last year at this same point, we had 6 germinated. And we got a lot more of them from there. So keeping the faith for now on these!