2023 Field Notes

Calendula -- Calendula officinalis -- Pacific Apricot Beauty


Sown 5/29

5/29 -- Sowed these into a five foot section of row, about a week later than intended. Two seeds per foot, four rows, six inches apart in row and between rows. Hopefully enough of these germinate to worry about thinning - it has been VERY dry.

6/1 -- Nothing yet that I can see, but again, the challenge here is that it has been dry and hot all week long. I'm watering frequently but it doesn't take long for things to dry out pretty severely when it's 90 degrees and no humidity! The forecast looks like it is changing (for the worse for outdoor enjoyment, but better for plants) starting on Saturday.

6/13 -- These have come on strong! Counted 70 of them the other day, although they are in clumps (makes sense given the way I sowed them). Should hopefully end up with some nice plants here.

6/25 -- I thinned these a few days ago to be one per location. They continue to look just fine and are growing well.

7/2 -- Still growing well, seem happy, no complaints here!

7/15 -- We have flowers!

8/5 -- These have come on strong, producing many very nice flowers. Glad to have sowed them!

8/25 -- Still going strong, still making new flowers, no complaints here whatsoever.