Well, we’re farmers now!

Friday saw our first true day in the field – since Saturday was projected to be (and ended up being) a total washout, we headed over to Dracut and arrived at around 3:30 (thanks to an accident we passed on the way that cost us about 15 minutes).

After setting up the peas and microgreens in the hoophouse, we surveyed the two locations we could choose from, and decided to set up shop in the “back” field. We found a small patch of un-soaked soil – not an easy thing to find at this point, which remains fairly annoying – and rolled the BCS out of the shed and down to the field. The training we had received on it proved successful.

If I look stressed and sweaty, that's because I was both.

The picture to the left was taken when I had 50 feet of plowing under my belt. I did another 150 feet after this – back 50, and then a second back and forth to build up the raised bed we were constructing. The end result? I’d say it was a success, but time will tell.

We planted twenty feet of carrots (forty row feet, two rows) and twenty-eight feet of beets (fifty-six row feet, two rows) in fairly short order, although we were unable to use the automatic seeder. That wasn’t so much a problem with the beet seeds, but carrot seeds are pretty tiny. Not microgreen-tiny, but still pretty small.

Buryin' Seeds

Overall, a very successful first day in the field. Hoping that the weather, and, thus, the rest of the land, dries out over the coming couple of weeks so we can get more stuff in the ground.

I'd want to grow in that...wouldn't you?

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