Plantin’ Peas

Typical New England “spring” weather in recent years? No spring at all. We’ve often jumped right from winter to fall. This year, however, we seem to be having an actual spring season – days vacillating between 65 and sunny and 48 and rainy. What do you do when you don’t know what the weather will bring? Plant stuff in the garage!

We’re still hoping to get out to the field on Friday, but Monday night was spent planting peas in the hope of producing some nice pea tendrils. Johnny’s provided a nice set of instructions to follow – involving soaking the peas and plopping them on top of (and then under) some organic mix. Best part? They don’t need to be under the lights to grow.

Dropping peas

Checking them out Tuesday night, we can already see shoots – these guys are fast growers, which is pretty much the idea.

We also planted two trays of microgreens, which use the smallest seeds I’ve ever seen. They are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence, which makes it really difficult to follow instructions that say not to place individual seeds too close together. (Fortunately, the more graceful of the two of us was up to that challenge.) They do require lights, so we’ve got the trays under them right now. Hope to see some signs of life out of those guys in the next few days.

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